Friday, June 22, 2012

Must-haves for your tool kit!

Whether you are thinking about designing or you have already started, make sure you have these 5 tools in your tool belt to make all of your design dreams into realities!

1. Chain Nose Plier

What you use it for: Closing jumprings, holding stringing wire, pulling strings, making loops, wire wrapping and much more! These can do just about anything.

2. Round Nose Plier

What you use it for: Creating loops or curves for wire wrapping and shaping wire in a round shape.

3. Flush Cutter

What you use it for: Cutting wire without making the new edges jagged, making jumprings, and making chain from rings.

4. Crimping Plier

What you use it for: Finishing crimps (which you use to close wires so you can attach things to them)

This has two notches. The first notch (at the end) will let you turn crimps into the shape of a figure-8 by creating an indent in the middle. The second notch (in the middle) will let you fold the crimp or turn it into a tube.

Also, make sure you don't use too much force when using this otherwise it will make the crimp you are working with brittle.

5. Bead Stopper

What you use it for: Saving your projects in progress, keeping your beads from fall off of the edge of a strand,  keeping your sanity as you work on long projects

To use it, simply squeeze the ears together and slip your thread or wire in between the rings, and voila! You can also use it when working with multiple strand designs and to seal small packages. Plus, they're reusable!

For cute ways to store your newest jewelry tools, look at "Dream Design Spaces" board on pinterest here.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Feel free to comment if you have any more questions!

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